With the advent of newer technologies and ever-changing user behavior, it has become rather difficult to understand which areas require improvements and what can be modified to be made better. 

While there are thousands of tools available, today, we are going to be taking a look at a tool that has been garnering the attention of many marketers – Microsoft Clarity. 

If you want to enhance your understanding of the way your website’s visitors behave and perform, then Microsoft Clarity can help you with it through its valuable insights.

But how can we use this tool?

Keep reading to explore what the tool is all about, along with its features, benefits, and setting the tool for use. 

Understanding Microsoft Clarity 

Basics before anything. Let’s understand the functionalities of Microsoft Clarity.

The open-source app is a free tool that helps in monitoring and perceiving the user’s behavior. As it is an analytical tool, it can be used to measure engagement metrics, gain deeper insights into the performance of the data on your website, and highlight areas that need modification or improvement. 

Not only does the tool have the ability to track your website’s performance even if there are a large number of visitors, but you can also easily do this and obtain excellent results without slowing down your website.

In addition, the Microsoft Clarity tool does not charge extra if you have high levels of traffic to your website. Also, as the loading time of websites is unaffected, users can easily browse through the website without having to wait long. 

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Clarity 

There are a few impressive features and benefits that the Microsoft Clarity tool has in store for you. That’s exactly what we are going to be breaking down for you today. 


Let’s dive into the features of Microsoft Clarity!

  • The Heatmaps on the tool are effective in showing the places where users are spending their most time and also to what range they are scrolling. 
  • The Session Recordings feature is extremely impressive in showing how users navigate through your website. The recordings are presented in real-time, and the users stay anonymous. Through this, you can fix the issues of your website, such as glitches or technical errors.
  • Microsoft Clarity’s integration with Google Analytics is a powerful combination of two helpful platforms. With the data of Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity, you can gain deeper and more meaningful insights into improving your website’s structure and SEO. 


Let’s dive into the benefits of using Microsoft Clarity!

  • Microsoft Clarity’s Dashboard clearly derives data and presents an overview of users’ behavior. Here you can view metrics including total users, pages per session, popular pages, and more. The biggest benefit is that it saves you from going through millions of data! 
  • Microsoft Clarity does not provide metrics such as bounce rates or conversation rates. However, as we mentioned before, its integration with Google Analytics seamlessly fills these gaps. But don’t think that the benefits of this tool stop here. It provides you with information regarding angry users – who rapidly click on a link and those who quickly press back after selecting a link. Such behavior patterns can be acknowledged through this tool and fixed to prevent them from recurring. 

Getting Started with Connecting Sites

By now, you may have understood how Microsoft Clarity is an easy-to-use tool. The tool can be integrated into any sort of website, not simply WordPress. This makes Microsoft Clarity accommodate various websites and proves to be incredibly versatile like Blockchain Press Media

But how can we connect our site with Microsoft Clarity?

Well, that’s easy with our steps to getting started with the following instructions. Let’s begin!

Step 1

The first step is to go to Microsoft Clarity’s website and Sign Up through your Microsoft, Facebook, or Google Account. After this, you can begin by selecting the button named “Add New Project,” which is displayed on the top-left corner of the page.

Once you click on the button, you will have to fill out the details of your project, such as the project Name, Website, and Category (Optional). 

Step 2 

Following this is our next step, which is to put the tracking code on your website so you can start using Clarity. Note that you need to insert the unique code for every website you add to your Clarity account. 

To find this tracking code, head over to the “Setup” page and go to “Settings.” You will find a “Clarity Tracking Code” there. Simply paste this into your website’s <head> section. 

Step 3

Now, here if you want to integrate Google Analytics as well, you need to select the “Getting Started” option and give access to Google, and press on “Continue.” Below the same “Setup” page, under “Settings,” enter the project and website you want to connect to. 

There is also the option of keeping it “Active” or “Disconnect.” 

Step 4

After inserting the Clarity Tracking Code, it’s time to check the dashboard. This is the place where all the analytics and metrics are provided which is all intriguing data, but you may have to give it an hour or two before anything comes up here. 

All sorts of valuable information about users’ behavior on your website can be found here, such as scroll-depth, excessive scrolling, rage, dead clicks, quick backs, and overall engagement. 

With this step, you are all set to use this amazing analytical tool!


We have come to the end of our article, where we have discovered the numerous features, benefits, and steps to connecting your site with Microsoft Clarity. While there are multiple premium tools out there in the market, Microsoft Clarity is a good side and handy tool to have besides other premium ones to receive the best metrics to optimize your website effectively for the future. 

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