Washing machine

The LG washing machine models are quite popular and best-selling in the Indian market. Whether you are looking for a top load or front load fully automatic variant, you can find countless options to choose from. However, it is very important to purchase the best washing machine under a budget. To help you further, here are some of the LG fully automatic washing machines on a low budget. Keep reading to know more!

1. LG 6.5kg 5 Star inverter fully automatic washing machine:

The 6.5kg LG washing machine has perfectly built to serve families of two to three people. It works on the Turbo Drum technology that gives a powerful wash while taking care of your fabric. Moreover, you can choose different wash modes, such as spin only, spin and rinse, pre-wash soak, and fuzzy logic on what you want for your clothes. 

Furthermore, LG washing machines with inverter technology help optimize power usage, thus minimizing the electricity bill. Overall, the appliance deals with the toughest stains with energy-efficient. If you are looking to buy this washing machine then Bajaj Mall will help you to divide your LG washing machine price  into smaller installments, which makes it a budget-friendly purchase.

2. LG 6kg 5 Star Fully automatic front-load washing machine with in-built heater:

As we all know, front-load LG washing machine costs more than top-load due to their energy and water efficiency. However, the LG fully automatic washing machine model costs less than Rs. 30,000. The device features six-motion direct drive technology, where the drum moves in different directions, facilitating proper cleaning. The motor gets directly connected to the belt or pulley, thus minimizing the noise after every wash cycle. 

Moreover, the LG washing machine features an in-built heater that heats the water inside the drum. The LG fully automatic washing machine facilitates extensive cleaning with handling fabrics gently. Additionally, the device’s auto-start feature helps resume the wash cycle from where it ended in case of a power cut. 

3. LG 8kg 5-star fully automatic front load washing machine:

The 8kg LG washing machine model comes with a six-motion direct drive technology that best suits cleaning even the most stubborn stains. The advanced technology aligns the drum in various directions to help clean the clothes perfectly. The LG fully automatic washing machine ensures the noiseless operation of the motor directly to the drum. An average wash cycle lasts only 59 minutes compared to the 90 minutes taken by other washing machines. It also saves time and energy but also helps to conserve water. 

Moreover, the LG washing machine takes utmost care of fabric hygiene, as the stainless steel drum and in-built heater work in coordination to keep all the germs at bay. Also, if you are looking for a budget-friendly LG fully automatic washing machine, you will find various options with distinctive features. 

4. LG 7kg fully automatic front load washing machine:

The 7kg LG fully automatic washing machine has a larger capacity. It is a fully automatic front-load washing machine with a budget-friendly rate, having a maximum spin speed of 1200RPM and ten wash programs, including cotton, mixed fabric, easy care, baby care, and sportswear. Moreover, the LG washing machine model offers a Smart Diagnosis feature where you can troubleshoot problems with your washing machine quickly. 

Equipped with innovative features like smart control, LED panel, auto-detection option, and anti-bacterial filter. etc. this fully automatic washing machine is one of the best picks in the Indian market you can purchase on a low budget. Get it for your home today!

5. LG 6.5kg fully automatic top load washing machine:

The LG fully automatic washing machine weighs 6.5kg which is perfect for smaller families. The LG washing machine model has a centrifugal speed of 700RPM with a 10-year warranty on the motor. It has eight wash programs, including an aqua reserve, allowing to reuse of water from the previous cycle. It also has a TurboDrum and waterproof motor. 

Moreover, the device has a digital LED display with panel touch buttons. Additionally, the washing machine is budget-friendly and suitable for middle-class people. No matter whether you are a bachelor, a couple, or a family of 3 to 4 members, this compact and affordable washing machine will be the right choice for all your laundry requirements. You can buy a fully automatic washing machine online and get no-cost EMI and zero down payment options from the Bajaj Mall. There are over a million products of electronics and home appliances available in store for you to choose from. Check it out and place your orders today!