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Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Does your mobile phone distract you while preparing for the government exam? Do you think that your smartphone is the biggest hurdle in your exam preparation journey? Do you want to shun its usage but are habitual to it now? If yes, then this article is constantly summoning your name. In this article, we have mentioned some easy ways that will help you neglect your smartphone to give your 100% concentration to government exam preparation. 

Remember that your performance level will decline if you keep on using your phone in between your study sessions. Moreover, you may keep on procrastinating your work and may utilize that time scrolling and chatting on your mobile phone. Therefore, consider following each tip mentioned in the article to shun the usage of mobile phones during exam preparation. Along with avoiding your mobile phone, you need to give undivided attention to exam preparation. If you want to take your bank exam preparation to a new level, you can seek help from a reliable platform that caters to the best bank coaching in Delhi. 

Here are some ways that can help you avoid the mindless use of smartphones during government exam preparation: 

Disable notifications 

If notifications from various social media apps distract you a lot while preparing for the exam, why not disable them? Remember that if the notifications keep on popping on the screen, it will surely hamper your study session. You will keep your exam preparation on a halt to check you have messaged you. For sure, you will end up wasting 30 minutes or sometimes more than an hour rather than just replying or getting back to your preparation. Therefore, it is better to disable notifications on all social media platforms and put your phone on silent before you commence your government exam preparation. 

Limit your screen time

Do you spend most of your time utilizing your mobile phone? If yes, then you need to consume this time in a positive manner that can benefit your government exam preparation. For this, you first have to cut off the time you waste on mindless scrolling, watching Netflix series or chatting with your friends. Make a proper schedule and use that time to cover the gigantic exam syllabus. The more you limit your screen time and focus on exam preparation, the better will be your performance. 

Keep your phone out of the study space

Until your mobile phone is in front of your eyes, you won’t be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Your mind will constantly wander and convince you to pick up your phone and watch reels to have fun. Therefore, make sure to keep yourself out of your reach if you want to study productively. This tip will surely work for you if the strategy of putting your phone on silent and turning it off didn’t work for you. 

Replace the habit 

So, as you have a habit of using your phone, why not replace this habit with a positive one? So, whenever you crave to use your phone, just distract your mind and indulge yourself in various activities to find peace of mind. There are various activities that will uplift your mood and make you forget about your phone. Listening to music, performing meditation, workout, painting, dancing, walking, jogging, etc can work miraculously for you. So, replace the habit with a good one if you want to achieve a sure shot of success in the government exam. 

Prioritize your goal 

To do so, you first need to define your goal because if you have an undefined goal, how can you stick to it? After that, analyze what makes you reach that goal. As your aim is to grab a lucrative government job, the competitive exam is the phase you need to surpass. To crack the competitive exam, you need to put rigid efforts into exam preparation. When you prioritize your goal and work determinedly for it, it will help you eliminate everything that is creating hindrance in the way, especially your smartphone. 

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Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, these are some great tips that will help you reduce the usage of your smartphone to give your 100% to the government exam preparation. Follow these tips and get ready to accomplish your goal of cracking the government exam.