Liberal, subtle, elegant, yet seductive are what Coastal design is all about. Coastal interior design is impressive with colors and tones that resembled the color of the ocean. Turquoise, navy, white, beige, etc. create a sense of freedom, elegance, lightness, and purity. If you are tired of the classic industrial design and want to change your living space into something more gentle, try adding a more coastal design vibe with beachy decorating items as we guide you through some of the major characteristics of coastal interior design style.

What Is Coastal Interior Design?

Coastal design is an interior design style inspired by the ocean. This design style originates from beautiful Atlantic coastal houses. Coastal interior design carries in it the breath of the sea with liberal and fresh vibes. Today, the coastal interior style is not only applied to coastal houses, but its influence also captivated many urban dwellers.

To capture the beach house design vibe in an urban or suburban area, you might have to deviate the style a little bit or choose from the 3 most popular coastal interior design styles such as beachy minimalism, Mediterranean bliss, and island living.

What Are Major Characteristics of the Coastal Interior Design?

Open Space

The first indispensable feature in a coastal decorated home is the open space design. A spacious porch with tables and chairs made from sedges, sea grass, rattan, etc. is part of the house to enjoy the cool breeze and the breath of the ocean. Coastal-style houses are also designed with a lot of large framed glass windows. Unlike other interior design styles, curtains in coastal interior design could be added to limit the brightness of the natural light but only with a thin, white fabric type. It is to prioritize residents to fully enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Elegant Color Hues

As you might have noticed, coastal style focuses on the theme of the ocean, so the color hues and light must mimic the original source of ideas too. The coastal decorating ideas combine the sea, sky, and sand elements with white, turquoise, and beige color. The hue of the white color shifts slightly to beige, allowing it to spreads and amplify light, bringing clarity to your living space as white resembles clouds and beige resembles the color of sand. Adding to the color palette is a turquoise color furnishing to emphasize the ocean glittering under the sky

Natural Light Sources

Lighting is an important factor to decide whether your beach house design matches the coastal vibe yet. Indeed, sunlight permeates everywhere in a beach-style house will make your home brighter and more open. Large windows allow natural light to come in without obstacles and let out a sense of peaceful and calming vibes.

Natural Texture Furnishing

Coastal decorated homes are usually not too fussy about furniture. Most coastal interiors used in beach house design are simple and basic. To mimic the landscape better, natural textures are another noticeable of this interior design style. Textiles such as cotton, linen, or jute are more favorable. Walls made of planks are even more beautiful when painted in a pure white color to elevate the calming sense even more.

Tips To Add More Coastal Interior Design Style To Your Home

  • Be a minimalist when it comes to color: Your color palette will decide the state of your mentality. As calming and welcoming as the central vibe of the coastal interior design, you need to minimalize your color palette to some pastel ocean palette and white-centric hues.
  • Include the natural textures when you plan the furniture: Beachy decorating items such as driftwood, seashells, surfing boards, etc. are ideal for beach decorated home, but be sure to add them with a controllable number. 
  • Introduce abstract art to your coastal walls: Hanging a realistic ocean or beach painting on your wall might over complicated the decorating space as a whole. Try introducing arts that showcase simple shapes or colors following the primary color scheme of the coastal decorating ideas.
  • Overuse linen-made furnishing: Not only let out a subtle sense of warmth into your home, but linen also comes in various colors with pastel shades to help you recreate the wholeheartedly coastal design.

Where To Buy Coastal Interior For Your House?

The advantages of the coastal design are that it reminds you of the essentials of natural textures and encourages you to recycle more. Whether they are glass vases, light bulbs, left-over wooden planks, etc. they would come in handy as environment-friendly decorating items. Otherwise, you could go to your local furniture stores with more choices on personalized or customized furnishing, or go shopping at Wayfair, Sofamania, IKEA, Raymour & Flanigan, Joss & Main, Costway, etc. for many discount deals to save your budget.

How to save on budget when decorating your house with coastal interiors?

Shopping for the right items might be a challenge when it comes to coastal design style since handmade items are expensive. Saving on recycling some of your unused stuff will clearly save you a bunch but it hardly catches up with your grand plan. Buying from retailers sure will save you big time and make your wallet happy with many choices and sale discounts. You can either check out their website for discount deals available like Up to 50% OFF Sale Items At Raymour & Flanigan or Up to 70% OFF Daily Sale At Joss & Main or follow the website to get up-to-date with every coupon code within a specific available time range.


Coastal interior design style is suitable for beach lovers and ocean obsession people. With the coastal design, your living space becomes brighter with natural light sources, and large framed glass windows while still having the warmth, and gentle touch of pastel tone furniture. The white-centric theme vibrant with the addition of some blue sea color brings you freedom and relaxation. Such a place in the middle of a busy urban area is the true heaven city dwellers would ever want. Adding the vibe to your home right now as we present to you big discount deals like Up to 50% OFF Sale Items At Raymour & Flanigan or Up to 70% OFF Daily Sale At Joss & Main. Follow us and grab one for yourself at FindCouponHere. Follow up to update the latest articles.

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