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Augmented reality technology is considered one of the most emerging techs of all time. In addition, we have heard a lot about its use in the gaming field. But now many other industries are trying to incorporate the technology to boost their efficiency. Today we will be talking about one such industry- education.

The wave of digitization hit the education industry in 2020, right after the pandemic gripped the world. As elearning app development gained popularity, schools and colleges started working on various other techniques to use technology to improve learning. 

The use of Augmented reality in education became prominent after it presented the stakeholders with a pool of opportunities. Today with the help this blog, we help explain some way AR is being used in the education industry.  

1. Offers accessible learning material

Augmented reality has the ability to replace traditional textbooks, physical study models, wall posters, printed reading manuals with digital solutions. Also, it provides portable and cost-effective learning materials. AR technology can make education more accessible and free from any constraint.  

2. There is no need of special equipments

Unlike VR, AR technology doesn’t really need an expensive hardware setup. All it needs is a smartphone and currently, 75% of all teens currently own one. Augmented Reality technologies integrated within smartphones are immediately available for use for target audiences spread across the world.

3. Higher student engagement and interest

Gamified and interactive AR-based learning can have a positive impact on students as it boosts their potential. Further, the tech helps to keep them engaged throughout the learning session and makes the studying process more fun and flawless. 

4. Improved collaboration capabilities

Augmented reality applications offer multiple opportunities to diversify, transform and shake up things in conventional classrooms. Instead, they enable interactive lessons that involve almost all the students in the class for the learning process at the same time. This helps to improve teamwork skills in students. 

5. Deliver a faster & more efficient learning process

Augmented Reality when used in education enables students to achieve better results with the help of visualization. Moreover, it also follows full immersion techniques in the subject matter. In addition, we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore, instead of memorizing theories about a subject, AR allows students to see it with their own eyes, in full action.

6. Practical learning

Apart from schooling, another department that can benefit from the use of AR is professional training. Some of the examples include, accurate reproduction of in-field conditions, medical training, safety training and much more. This technology can help students to master the practical skills needed for a certain job.

7. Safe and efficient workplace training

Can you imagine being able to practice a heart surgery or working on a space shuttle without putting other people in danger. AR can help us save millions of dollars in damage by enabling virtual training for these jobs. 

8. Universally applicable to any level of education and training

From learning games for kindergarten to on-the-job training, Augmented Reality isn’t limited to a single use case or field of application. It can be explored to enhance the education industry in numerous ways. 

In A Nutshell

According to mobile app development company AR technology holds a lot of potential for entrepreneurs to explore. If used with the right technique it can offer better learning compared to the conventional modes that we usually follow. 

If you are interested in learning more about the related technicalities, connect with the experts today. They would be able to help you with the best possible approach to develop your own application. 

But until then, stay tuned to this space for more information. Happy reading!