iPhone 12 Pro Max

Last Updated on April 20, 2024 by Saira Farman

iPhones are known for hiding some of the most useful features in plain sight. That’s why some of them are still being discovered today. That’s why today, I’m going over all the hidden features that you can use in a used iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now without any other chit-chat. Let’s dive right into the hidden features of an iPhone.

Hidden Features of iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here are some of the hidden features of a used iPhone 12 Pro Max that you might find useful.

  1. QuickTake Video: This feature allows you to record videos quickly without even opening the camera app. You can record a video by holding down the shutter button on the lock screen of your used iPhone 12 Pro Max. 
  2. Location-based Wallpapers: With this feature, you can change your wallpaper based on your current location. 
  3. Noise Cancellation for Phone Calls: The iPhone 12 Pro Max has active noise cancellation technology built into its hardware when making phone calls or FaceTime calls so that you can easily tune out background noise while talking on the phone. 
  4. Edit Home Screen Layout: You can now customize your home screen layout by simply tapping and holding an app icon, then dragging it to a different location. 
  5. Multiple App Instances: With iOS 14, you can now have multiple instances of the same app open at once. This allows you to quickly switch between two or more tasks in apps like Messages, Mail, and Notes. 
  6. Chained Animations: You can now create complex animations by chaining multiple animation blocks together. This allows for some very creative effects that were previously impossible in iOS. 
  7. Home Screen Widgets: iOS 14 has a new feature called “Widgets,” which are small pieces of information that appear on your home screen and give you quick access to important data without having to open an app first.   
  8. Picture in Picture: This feature allows you to continue watching a video or FaceTime call even when you switch apps or go to the home screen. 
  9. Live Text: The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the ability to recognize text from photos and videos and make it searchable using OCR technology. 
  10. Listening Mode: This feature lets your device listen for commands and respond accordingly without having to unlock your phone first. 
  11. In-app Search Bar: Instead of scrolling through menus and options, you can now quickly search within an app by typing in the search bar at the top. 
  12. Low Power Mode: When this mode is enabled, your phone will automatically dim the screen, turn off background app refresh, and limit some of its other functions to save battery life. 
  13. Pop-up Menus: When you tap and hold on an icon in iOS 14, a small pop-up menu will appear with additional options related to that icon. This is great for quickly accessing frequently used settings or features. 
  14. Built-in Translate App: The new translate app allows you to quickly convert text from one language to another without needing an internet connection. 
  15. Scroll Wheel Support: You can now use your Apple Watch’s scroll wheel as a way of scrolling through menus and lists in apps like Mail and Notes on your iPhone 12 Pro Max.  
  16. Dark Mode: This feature darkens your screen and makes it easier on the eyes when using your phone in low-light environments. 
  17. Enhanced Privacy Settings: You can now control which apps have access to certain features like photos, location, microphone, and camera. 
  18. AirPods Audio Sharing: If you have multiple pairs of AirPods, you can now share audio between them so that everyone can listen to music or movies at the same time. 
  19. Shortcuts App Integration: The new Shortcuts app allows you to create custom shortcuts for quickly performing specific tasks on your iPhone 12 Pro Max without ever having to go into an app first.
  20. Back Tap: You can create shortcuts on your used iPhone 12 Pro Max by enabling the “Back Tap” option. You can set it up for anything from taking screenshots to opening the camera; you can do anything.
  21. Change the Default Browser: You can change the default browser by changing the heading in the settings sections and changing the default browser options. Now you’ll be able to use any browser as a default.
  22. App Library Only: If you’re tired of getting app icons on the home screen when you download one. Just go to Settings > Home Screen and select the “App Library Only” option, and all the newly installed apps will go directly to the app library.
  23. Creating Smartstack Widgets: If you don’t want to clutter your display with multiple widgets, you can simply drag and drop other widgets on one another. This way, you’ll have multiple widgets on the screen, and none of them will take up any extra space.
  24. Remove Extra Screens: Sometimes, multiple home screens can appear on the display of your used iPhone 12 Pro Max. Maybe the previous owners liked it that way. However, you can remove them by holding the blank area of the screen and deleting the extra screens.
  25. Custom Dark Mode Display: Everyone loves the dark mode, and you can create a custom schedule for when you want to apply it. Just go to Settings > Display, and set a schedule. You can also set it to “Automatic,” and it will select a make the schedule random.
  26. Search for Emojis: Searching for emojis is very simple nowadays. Just open the iPhone keyboard and click the search for any emoji you want.
  27. Fake Eye Feature: This is one of the greeted hidden features you’ll find in your used iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just go to Settings > Facetime > Eye Contact and enable it. Now, if you Facetime anyone, it’ll give the perception that you are looking directly at them.
  28. Scanning QR: Did you know that you can quickly scan a QR with your iPhone? Just swipe down from the top right of the screen, and you’ll see the QR option.
  29. Reduce White Point: When using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you decrease the iPhone’s brightness even more than before. Just go to Accessibility>> Display & Text and toggle the “Reduce White Point” option to on.


Hopefully, you were able to find a useful hidden feature for your used iPhone 12 Pro Max. Let us know which one you liked the most.

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