Your Car Service History is So Important

Imagine! You’ve been seeking a particular car for a very long time. However, you haven’t been able to buy it for some reason. It might not be financially feasible or affordable. But, one idea that pops into your mind is to look out for a used car. This approach could be a fantastic way to get a good deal within your means.

However, a used car deal needs some extra effort to ensure that you get a proper value for your investment.

Here is Why Maintaining Your Car Service History is So Important

But how can you be sure that buying a used car is the right move? Physical inspection of the vehicle is always an option. However, to know a proper state of a car, you can look up its service history.

Service history is a viable resource to ascertain a car’s true condition. During a purchase, your mind is bombarded with a lot of questions. You might be wondering about the car’s components. Does it cost more to have the parts replaced or fixed? Has the car undergone proper maintenance? These are some of the questions that can generally be answered by consulting a vehicle’s assistance record.

Firstly, let’s get some insight into the service history.

What do you mean by service history?

What do you mean by car service history

Of course! You bring your vehicle for the service. But, do you know that there is a lot of data also recorded in the service book (which comes along with your car)? Besides, the dealership also keeps such records.

However, documentation of each and every service task enables the service personnel to keep track of your vehicle’s history, such as the last car oil change or an oil filter replacement, etc.

How do car owners keep a service history?

How do car owners keep a service history

Independent service centres usually offer a service bill after a repair or a car service. However, it is also similar to a record of a service book. It will also list the work completed and break down the cost of each replacement or task.

As a dealership follows the process of updating the service book of a car once a repair or service is carried out, many owners keep the service bills of a vehicle along with the service book to maintain proper records.

For a pre-owned purchase, this kind of information can be extremely helpful. Customers might be more willing to pay more for a car if they can tell that you maintained it and replaced parts on a regular basis.

How do you get access to a vehicle service history?

How do you get access to a vehicle service history

It becomes your responsibility as the buyer to carefully examine all the pertinent information, and the car’s service record serves as your guide for holding all of your interests equally still. An assistance record provides detailed information about the vehicle and its owner after all factors are taken into account.

To ensure that the car is in the condition that the seller claims it is, when buying a car, you should request to see the service records. This surely offers a transparent view of a vehicle status.

Here, we are sharing some good hacks to check out the service records of a vehicle.

Ask for a car service book.

Ask for a car service book

As stated above each time a vehicle go for a service, a responsible service centre provide a record of the work in the service book. However, if you wish to test the legitimacy of an owner, he/she should provide you a proper service book to you. A trustworthy seller would be forthcoming with all the details and assist you in learning the condition of the vehicle.

Reach to dealership for a vehicle records

Reach to dealership for a vehicle records

An owner might occasionally be unable to provide the service book, whether consciously or unconsciously.

One can enquire about the updates made when they had their car serviced. The assistance location maintains a database of each vehicle that enters their centre.

Find vehicle records online

Find vehicle records online

Due to advancements in information technology, it is now possible to research a vehicle’s service history online. In addition to companies that manufacture cars, there are a number of online platforms that offer this information for free, particularly those for car e-commerce. You can do this online from the comfort of your own home and learn all the details in a matter of seconds.

Is there any alternative if there is no or half service history available?

Is there any alternative if there is no or half service history available

While buying a car with no service record can save you money, as you can ask for bargain. However, it frequently results in more issues than it resolves.

Furthermore, you don’t know the car’s condition, so you can’t rule out the need for pricey repairs soon after purchasing the vehicle.

The central database of a vehicle manufacturer houses digital service records. Typically, they are only accessible to registered repair shops or authorised dealerships. But, there might be some discrepancies about the repair records that have not been updated.

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