Graphic Design

The designer is required to be present during each and every aspect of the development stage, right from the script to deciding on the location for erecting the set. The set designer is the one who actually selects decorative and elegant furniture (as per the demand of the script), draperies, carpets, rugs, kitchen utilities, etc. Other important duties include assigning able and ingenious staff to prepare exhaustive sketches or drawings. According to the design ideas, and other creative artists to do graphic and animation work.

Can you guess which design disciplines are in high demand these days? We recently surveyed over 17K designers and design teams in our Global Design Survey to better understand the job growth of different designer roles in today’s landscape. We wanted to find out, which types of design jobs are companies most likely to hire for next?

Below you’ll find the top five roles that global design teams identified as looking to onboard this year. Use this information to help you to better understand the demographics of design and where the industry is headed in the near future. Maybe you’ll be inspired to level up your design career by blueskygraphics design online or sharpen up your existing skillsets to shine even brighter in the hiring pool.

Design jobs are prestigious as well as an important medium of employment. The aspiring person has to have vivid imagination powers and artistic skills to do justice to the job. Many a times, set designers are needed to make a dummy model set design or miniature model sets that are in reality used as background scene and to create magical special effects.

Skills Needed for Becoming a Designer

For all those who need quality info on set design jobs and career options, firsthand knowledge of design technicalities. Such as designing blueprints, technical drawings and models for sets is a must. A degree in production design from reputed colleges, specialization in set design are most preferred. One can also apply for online degrees in Fine Arts. There are numerous colleges that offer Bachelors degree in Fine arts or even a Masters degree of Fine Arts in Set Design.

Skills required for designers include the following

  • Critical and Creative thinking power
  • Management of Materialistic Resources
  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Managing Personal resources
  • Analyzing Set Operations
  • Ability to Decide and Judge Correctly
  • Efficient Time Management

Design jobs are unique and demanding for those who have a creative bend coupled with good management skills. With the recent splurge in creative fields, set designers are very much in demand, especially in the movie world.

Plus, there is also the fact that a graphic design career involves the challenging aspect of combining the creative with the technical side of things. You have to be able to create artistic pictures and video using new technologies like software as well as the old ways like pen-and-paper. Few other professions can boast of making a profitable and stable career from one’s passion in art in a variety of graphic design jobs.

You can become an animator who tells stories through the creation of sequences of motion-based art. Basically, you will create individual cells that are then combined to form the illusion of movement in the characters.

In the olden days, pen and paper were primarily used to create the cells. Nowadays, software applications like the Macromedia Director are used to make the job easier. As well as to produce a more detailed, textured and nuanced animation programs. Think along the lines of 3D animated movies produced by the likes of Pixar.

Now, if you do choose to become a computer animator. You have to acquire a deeper understanding of the concepts related to movement and lighting. In a manner of speaking, you have to step into the boundaries of photography, art and even spatial relationships. Indeed, becoming an animator is no easy job but it is very rewarding when you see people appreciating the fruits of your labors.

One of the most popular choices of graphic design jobs is to become a graphic artist. You may be asked to create layouts for print materials like newspapers and magazines. Electronic media like websites as well as for exhibitions and identity programs. Many graphic artists are even asked to design for stage productions!

Indeed, a graphic artist has many possible jobs to turn to even when the economy is at its present recessionary levels. However, be warned that the demands are often great, too. You have to possess personal characteristics such as the ability to work well under pressure, a strong sense of creativity and imagination. The capacity for good communication in a team setting.

Yet another of the graphic design jobs that pay well is becoming an illustrator. Your job involves the conceptualization and creation of illustrations to communicate specific messages to a specified audience. You have to be well-versed in both the traditional forms of pen-and-paper as well as new technologies like multimedia. Imaging and design software applications. The good thing is that you can easily transfer your skills from general advertising to children’s book illustrations to scientific commissions, thus, making for a wide range of job opportunities.

In conclusion, when choosing from among these types of graphic design jobs. We recommend assessing your career needs in terms of psychological and financial income. Keep in mind that graphic art is best served when you are fulfilled in it.