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One of the most useful platforms is Google ads for paid advertisements. In this case, many business owners promote their brand through sponsored posts on social media like Facebook or Instagram. In this case, if you don’t still utilise the Google ads platform, then do it now.

Promoting your products on the Google Ads platform is very useful and favourable. In this case, this platform provides services and your business’s products directly to audiences who are actively searching for them.

Google especially puts a large range of useful advertising tools in your palm. In this case, it also gives access to users to utilise the features of this world’s largest ad platform. More than 90% of business owners use this platform and get outstanding results from their businesses.

The thing is, Google Search Network (GSN) is famous and top-notch; therefore, it is much easier than other networks to promote any business.

In this article, we are going to discuss nine types of Google Ads campaigns.

An Overview Of All Nine Types Of Google Ads Campaigns

Below we have discussed nine types of Google ads campaigns.

If your business site is already visible organically at the top of search results, then you might not think to bid about your own brand name. In this case, you can use the feature on google, which is a google ad extension.

In this case, you have to promote the specific highlighted information about your brand on your page, which people mainly visit. Not only that, but it also protects you from your competitors who might bid on your branded keywords or another name.

On the other hand, CPCs for brands are generally lower than any other search campaign. If your site’s URL is relevant to users, then it will work. But at the same time, if your ad is appearing for similar but irrelevant keywords, then it is tough to utilise.

2. Non-Branded Search(Niche)

Niche non-branded ads campaigns are less competitive than generic non-branded ones. That is because they are more specific. As a result, you can make your products more relevant to the users if your product has specific characteristics that match what users are looking for.

Apart from that, you have to think that if your business’s services and products are fit and suitable for niche marketing, then the non-branded search is worthwhile.

Niche marketing generally gives your brand a better traffic potentiality, positive return on investment and also makes it easier for specific audiences to focus and identify.

A competitor search campaign is specifically for a branded search campaign. In this case, instead of bidding on your own brand’s products and name. In this way, you can easily overcome and reach beyond your competitor’s brand.

Stealing the conversion traffic directly by using competitor’s keywords sounds like an innovative technique. But it is mainly expensive because, in this case, your competing brand or you aren’t the most relevant and usable things for searchers.

Typically this ad campaign is suitable for those brand owners who want to invest higher costs and expenses.

4. Google Shopping (Branded)

Google shopping campaign has the ability to offer users great user experiences. In this case, a user who searches for the products or reviews is the best fit for them. Once a user gets to see reviews, prices, or images, then they mainly get the confidence to visit the product page.

In this case, if a new customer wants the products from the eCommerce business, then this ad campaign should be on the top list.

5. Google Shopping (Non-Branded)

You can create a Google non-branded ads campaign. In this case, it is mainly similar to the branded shopping campaign. If you have a budget that always makes sense, then you can try for an eCommerce business.

6. Retargeting (Text, Video, Banner)

The first step of marketing is to get traffic. In this case, if you can convert visitors into customers, then making a purchase is very important.

In this case, almost out of 100% 98% of visitors will not make a purchase from your brand. In this case, you have to retarget those visitors and convert them into customers.

7. Display Ads (Interests And Topics)

Display ads campaigns are one of the best options for your business to reach outside the search engine result.

8. Display Ads (Managed Placement)

Display ads with managed placement mainly serve your brand by containing more specific keywords for your brand. In this case, it is easier to target specific segments of audiences.

9. Google Smart Shopping

Google Smart shopping ad campaign has mainly contained AI. In this case, retargeting, shopping ads, and displays on your behalf will be automated and exposed to a set of audiences.


We have mentioned the nine most important Google ad campaigns above in this article. Apart from this, there are several ad campaigns for several search engines like bing or yahoo. The thing is, Google is the most used and popular search engine. This platform has billions of users. So if you are planning to launch your brand’s advertisements, then you can use any of them.

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment down below.

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