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The natural gemstone that leaves everybody stunned with its beauty is the Opal stone. This supernatural gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone that nature has gifted to humans and especially to the ones who are born in the month of October. This perfect gemstone is the prettiest gemstone, and many people are very superstitious about wearing Opal jewelry. Let us learn about this gemstone in detail.

Brief about Opal

Opal is widely renowned for its significant play of color and exhibiting the dramatic shift of hue depending upon the change in light. This gemstone doesn’t have its own light and reflects the light of the object it falls upon. This soft gemstone rate is between 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness and is not a mineral. Instead, it’s a mineraloid and comes in shades of pink, blue, brown, orange, red, multicolor, and even colorless. The best Opal variety is found in Ethiopia and Australia. Apart from that, Opal is also found in Brazil, Canada, Hungry, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Western US.

Healing properties

The very beneficial Opal Stone has remarkable properties and charm and is widely promoted as a jewelry gemstone by many famous jewelry houses and fashion brands. Opal is ruled by the planet Venus, which symbolizes luxury and the world desire of the native—wearing the Opal ring or pendant brings the luxurious lifestyle holding deep faith. It evaluates the financial conditions and helps maintain the wearer’s social and economic status.

The Opal pendant even has amazing metaphysical properties which help in curing the problems related to liver and kidney alignments. It is one of the most healing gemstones, which even helps to get rid of the issues like sleeping disorders and various physical and logical problems. In addition, the Opal necklace is even fortunate for the married ones as it resolves disputes and inculcates the feeling of love, stimulating harmony, creating better mutual understanding, and washing away all the negative energy. It removes life huddles and insecurities and gives a sense of affection to the person. Astrologers even recommend wearing the Opal bracelet or any form of jewelry, as it is very beneficial for people looking out for creative success.

Caring tips

Opals are delicate stones comprised of water and silica ranging between 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness, so it is necessary to protect the gemstone from getting scratches and cracks. Therefore, this gemstone has 20 to 30% of water trapped inside them, and the intense heat can cause a fracture line over it. So, it is essential to keep the Opal Stone away from the sunlight.

Moreover, when the stone is not in use, then keep the stone is wrapped in a damp cloth or a wet piece of cotton to avoid dehydration. Exposing the Opal to the humidity in the air will also hydrate them and take their original color. Finally, use mild detergent and warm water to clean your Opal jewelry; therefore, this process can be done in every 4 to 5 months. Although, never use any kind of bleach or harsh cleaning solution to clean your Opal, as you will end up damaging your stone.

The wholesale collection of Opal

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