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Vietnam’s growing number of football fans can now access the latest news and information about their favorite team through the internet. Xem the thao 789 is an online portal that helps local fans track the latest news about their favorite sport. The site covers all major international football competitions, including the upcoming Vietnam Asian Cup in 2023. The website features reports by a team of vetted professionals.

YouSport 790

Football fans in Vietnam will definitely find YouSport 790 a welcome addition to their weekly dose of local news. This Vietnamese website offers live reporting from all major football games as well as articles and video content. The site also includes a calendar of events and online sports prediction games. As one of the top sports news websites in Vietnam, it’s worth checking out for updates on all of your favorite sports.

The website has comprehensive football information including breaking news, results, transfer information, schedules, and predictions. It also offers ticket booking and refund management. The site is focused on football news and covers both club and world football. It also allows users to post predictions and win prizes.

8xbet Sports

The 8Xbet website is one of the top sites in Vietnam for cá độ bóng đá news and entertainment. They offer live updates on national football games as well as articles on different sports. Their content is written by vetted journalists and is available in both Vietnamese and English. The website covers various events, from national championships to international competitions. It is particularly helpful in providing information on Vietnam’s women’s football team, which has recently achieved great success. The team has won gold medals in the SEA Games, and has won five finals against Thailand.

It’s also worth mentioning that 8XBet’s official YouTube channel has only 360 subscribers, and its weekly home-made reviews get as little as 17 views. Furthermore, the company’s address varies across Vietnam. While the company’s main address is in an office building in Da Nang, it has various other addresses in different parts of the country. Google Street View shows a shack in Da Can, near Hanoi, and a Marriott hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. This may mean that 8XBet is not a reliable company.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

If you love following football, the Thanh Nien Newspaper is an excellent place to find the latest updates. This newspaper publishes articles and videos on a wide variety of topics, including world, society, education, entertainment, and sports. The website is updated throughout the day and offers breaking news, as well as predictions about upcoming matches. The website offers readers a full list of events and scores from around the world.

This newspaper first appeared in the early 20th century, bringing together intellectuals and writers from around the country. Now, the newspaper hosts the Thanh Nien Football Sports Tournament, a U21 football tournament in Ho Chi Minh City with three teams from each region.

Xem the thao 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the fastest-growing sports websites in Vietnam. It features international, national, and regional football news. It also offers live reporting, video content, and articles on e-sports. Moreover, the website features a calendar for upcoming events. It is available in both Vietnamese and English.

Aside from providing comprehensive news, Xem the Thai 789 sports news website is a great place to follow football games and other e-sports in Vietnam. The website is available in Vietnamese, English, and other languages, and it’s updated on a regular basis. It covers a variety of sports, from football to volleyball. You can also watch live coverage of major events in the country. Moreover, the site also includes articles about current events and social health in Vietnam.


8X is the leading website in Vietnam for football news and sport updates. The site features articles, videos, and live reporting from major sporting events. It also provides ticket booking and refund management services. The website also features a prediction game and a calendar of upcoming games. Its vetted professionals produce quality content that is aimed at fans.

In addition to providing live sports reports and updates in Vietnamese, 8X also provides booking services for football venues and features a credit system for refunds. While 8X focuses primarily on cá độ bóng đá, the website also covers tennis, rugby, and other sports. YouSport also offers live scores for all major matches.


The internet is a great source for people in Vietnam to stay on top of the latest football news and updates. You can find a wide variety of content, including news articles, videos, and highlights of international games. You can also get daily updates on the Vietnamese national team and their latest results. The team has won numerous international tournaments under the guidance of Park Hang-seo, a South Korean coach who is widely regarded as one of the most influential coaches in the country’s history. The national team will be competing at the 2019 SEA Games.

Another source of football news updates in Vietnam is 8X, which includes articles, videos, and a calendar of upcoming games. The site also offers live reporting from the national football team. The content on 8X is constantly updated and features video content covering many different sports.