Cardboard Removal Boxes

You might be having a number of wardrobe storage boxes, cardboard removal boxes, etc in the store room of your houses. Have you ever thought of the various ways in which you can bring these boxes and other packaging materials into use without spending much and create awesome household and daily use items with these double wall cardboard boxes and other such packaging materials.

If you are someone looking for the DIY creative ideas on how to use your disposed or not so useful cardboard removal boxes then this is the correct article for you. Continue reading to get more ideas about the home decors and creative items which can be kept at home, solely made from wardrobe storage boxes and other packaging materials at your disposal.

Shoe Stands

The cardboard removal boxes kept for a long time at your houses can be brought into use for making the shoe stands which can be placed outside your house. For making this, all you need is double wall cardboard boxes, a few wrapping papers, self-adhesive tapes and a glue gun. You can easily cut these cardboard removal boxes into square sheets and make a stand like structure out of them. Due to their strong and sturdy nature, they have the capacity to hold a considerable amount of weight and can therefore be made into these stands. Wrap these hand- made stands with the help of wrapping paper and here you are ready with your home- made shoe stand out of pure disposable cardboard removal boxes. These are eco- friendly in nature and therefore pose no threat to the environment as well.

Bird Feeding Baskets

Be it any season of the year, feeding these tiny creatures not only fills you with inner peace but is also your duty to provide for them. In order to provide them with food such as rice or lentils, you cannot be always available nor can you expect them to come to you everyday at the same time. In order to do away with this inconvenience, all you can do is to make a hanging basket and fill them with the grains and hang them somewhere in your balcony or the courtyard.

For making this basket, all you need is double wall cardboard boxes, a rope and a pair of scissors. Cut these cardboard removal boxes into square or rectangle sheets whatever your choice is and make a box out of these sheets by joining them together. Now, with the help of a rope, make it into a hanging box and here your bird feeding box is ready. Hang them in an area which is open where birds often come. With this, you can not only feed these tiny creatures but, can also declutter your home of these cardboard removal boxes at the same time.

A Doll House

Though of buying a doll house for you kid? Why not make one with the help of all the cardboard removal boxes that you have at your home? Cut these sheets according to the size of the house that you are planning to make. You can get enough YouTube tutorial videos on how to make a doll house out of these cardboard removal boxes with minimum assets and efforts. Wrap it up with the shiny and colourful papers or paint if required and here you are ready to go. The easy, green and eco- friendly doll house made out of recycled paper product is ready for use.

Summing Up

There are numerous ways to use your cardboard removal boxes that you might have either forgot about or made up your mind to dump it away. These double wall cardboard removal boxes are strong enough in nature and can bear the capacity of upto 5- 7 kgs without the fear of tearing apart. So, the next time when you spot these packaging materials that you left without giving an eye, make sure that you put all your creativity into action and make the best out of the waste without much efforts or any additional investment.