Digital Signage is the perfect platform for bars, restaurants and hotels to efficiently communicate real time messages to a sometimes large and dispersed audience. The Hospitality industry has long needed a communication tool that can entertain, direct, alert, inform and train all in one. Digital signage is the tool to do just this.

In the past, a bar could only feature what was being broadcast by their Pay TV provider. With digital signage software, this same screen can android digital signage now be split into three or more zones to maximize customer service and possible sales revenue. For example, whilst featuring a football grand final, you can have your drink or meal specials scrolling in one section of the screen and at the base of the screen, you can also display news and weather information via a Ticker. This ultimately improves the customer service levels a pub or bar can offer its patrons while maximizing advertising or sales revenue.

The hospitality industry revolves around customer service. Digital signage provides the ultimate customer service tool whereby you can;

  • Keep your customers or guests up to date with news and weather information while they wait in reception
  • Provide in room entertainment services using Video on Demand
  • Direct guests to a featured location of the resort
  • Provide guests with an interactive activity guide for the local area
  • Provide time sensitive menus on queue when requested
  • Alert guests to an emergency followed by instructions
  • Ensure all customers can understand what is being announced by displaying your message in multiple languages Not only a customer service tool, digital signage software can be used internally to maximise human resource efforts.

Digital signage gives you the ability to provide on demand staff training in order to keep the costs associated with high staff turnover at a minimum. Employees are able to select when to activate the most recent training module or you can conduct a staff meeting using a pre-published training campaign to run through with your new members. Digital signage also allows the CEO of a company to encourage their staff by publishing real time messages to the screens while the staff meeting is in progress.

These are just some examples of the uses for digital signage in the hospitality industry. Find out more about how to get digital signage for your business.

About Ryarc Media Systems

CampaignManager digital signage software from Ryarc has very sophisticated and easy to use scheduling tools that can create time sensitive campaigns specific for your environment be it a bar, club, hotel, resort: you can use digital signage in the hospitality industry. Ryarc Media Systems is a digital signage software company whose technology powers distributed media applications around the globe. Ryarc’s core product is CampaignManager, an end-to-end Digital Signage management platform.

Outdoor Digital Signage Use in Hospitals, College Campus and Religious Buildings

Digital signage is a popular new medium and is springing up in all sorts of places. Commonly associated with retail and advertising there is more to using digital LCD screens than just marketing.

For providing information there really is no better method than with a signage screens, Compared to printed media and notice boards, digital signage is instant, flexible, easy to update and looks the business compared to tatty ripped, faded and worn posters and notices.
And LCD screens can be used to provide information in areas where notice boards and other print notices can’t go.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital outdoor signage has so many advantages for communication that it is no wonder it is beings used in so many industries and institutions. And digital outdoor signage doesn’t have to be expensive either. Whilst outdoor TV systems are not cheap, a cost effective alternative is available in the shape of an LCD enclosure.

Outdoor LCD enclosures house standard LCD devices and not only keep them waterproof but also ensure they are kept maintained at the correct temperature. They also provide a vandal proof steel barrier to deter attempts at vandalism.


Hospitals have a huge need for providing information to patients, staff and visitors. Reaching out to all these different people can be really difficult which is why hospitals employ al sorts of methods from Tannoys and pagers to the traditional notice board.

digital signage means that important information can be relayed, in real time and uploaded to the indoor screens as well as the outdoor digital signage -so people can view the important information when they first arrive at the hospital.

College Campus

Digital outdoor signage is becoming increasingly relevant for security and the passing of important information to staff, students and menu board visitors on campuses too.

With recent campus shootings highlighting the need to get emergency messages across, outdoor digital signage provides the ideal medium. If any incident occurs, within minutes screens across campus can relay the warnings and prevent further incidents.

Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues

For religious institutions digital outdoor signage allows the religious order to relay congregational information and also provide religious messages to encourage more people to come to prayer.