Auto dialer solutions

Auto dialer solutions are software that helps to boots agents’ productivity by dialing calls automatically and connecting the business with the customers. The auto-dialed calls are either pre-recorded messages or the call is redirected to a live agent. Auto dialer solutions can be integrated with other cloud communication solutions.

The three types of auto dialers are:

  1. Preview dialers
  2. Power dialers and
  3. Predictive dialers
  1. Preview dialers: It works like a telephone book where a list of target customers is displayed to the agents. The agents can check their information, details, and history by clicking on the numbers and also make calls. This is a primary auto dialer that businesses choose; that can be later upgraded to complex higher systems.

It offers a preview of all the customer-related information before connecting with the customer. The agent can choose and select from the information displayed and connect with the customer accordingly. This helps in offering personalized services to customers. This accelerates customer engagement rate and service satisfaction.

Some specific benefits are:

  • The calls are initiated by the agents who are in complete control. However, it is time-consuming compared to the other two types as the calls depend on the agent’s decision of calling the next client.
  • The agent gets time to prepare for the next call.
  • It is best for small call volumes. It is beneficial for small-scale businesses and startups.
  • It can be used for personalized uses like booking appointments, reminders, customer data collection, feedback collection, etc.
  1. Power dialers: This is the next category in the types of auto-dialers. Power dialers sequentially dial the following number after a call is completed by an agent. When the agent indicates that they are available, the auto dialer automatically connects the call. The calls can be continuously made without any manual function or break. In case the outbound call is not attended, the auto-dialer connects with the next number in line. Agents can use power dialers efficiently to save time, minimize downtime and hence increase productivity.

Some benefits of power dialers are:

  • The calls are initiated based on the agent’s availability which gives the agent partial control of the call. The agents get enough time to get ready before the calls.
  • The calls are partially dependent on the agents that offer improved productivity.
  • Power dialers can be used for sales calls, marketing campaigns, etc.
  1. Predictive dialers: This category of auto dialer can place multiple outbound calls simultaneously. When the customer answers the call, it immediately connects the call to the next available agent. Predictive dialers take many variables into account and predict the availability of the next agent. It also helps to calculate the time each agent would take to attend a call, the probable chances of a customer answering the call, etc. In case an agent takes an average of three minutes per call, the auto-dialer would automatically connect the next call in four minutes.

Some benefits of predictive dialers are:

  • The calls are automatically connected where the agents have no control.
  • One call is initiated immediately after one call ends which leaves no time for an agent to prepare.
  • As it is entirely automated, it ensures no manual work and maximum productivity.
  • Predictive dialers are used for repetitive calls like telemarketing, surveys, etc.

All three types of auto dialer solutions help to address specific issues and help a business to function better. Knowlarity is a leading auto dialer solutions provider. It offers solutions for all industries and every business size. It provides customized solutions as per the needs of a business and targeted customers. A business can get one auto dialer and easily upgrade it over time. The solution helps a business to work remotely and offers work flexibility. It can be easily installed on any device and can be used immediately. Auto dialers make communication effortless and seamless.

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