Dog Tags

Dog tags are jewelry that, in addition to serving an essential functional purpose, have a high aesthetic value in and of themselves. The oval-shaped discs or rounded rectangular custom military dog tags suspended from a ball chain serve as a distinctive identifier for each piece of jewelry in this collection. Significant information such as the wearer’s name is imprinted on the discs or tags sewn onto the garments.

Everyone is familiar with the appearance of a dog tag, but few people know the history behind this jewelry item. According to several different accounts, the use of individualized military dog tags might perhaps be traced back to the time of the American Civil War. In addition, dog tags as fashion items were not their intended use when they were first developed.

Keep items in mind

As was said before, fashionable dog tags may be crafted from a wide variety of materials, as mentioned earlier. Aluminum is the most common material for dog tags because of its low cost, ease of customization, and versatility. Aluminum dog tags may come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

If you are searching for something that will last a very long time, getting dog tags made of stainless steel is the best option. You can engrave whatever you want onto them and select from a wide range of different shapes and sizes for them.

Acrylic is one kind of plastic that is often used to make dog tags, which is another common form of material for dog tags. Acrylic is a pliable and extremely adaptable material, and it is possible to purchase acrylic dog tags in a broad selection of colors that are sure to grab people’s attention. Because acrylic is a plastic rather than a metal or alloy, the weight of acrylic dog tags is much lower than that of their metal or alloy counterparts.

There are also dog tags made of exotic materials that may be found, such as bronze, for example. Dog tags made of brass have a more vintage look. Because the jeweler can etch several photos and fonts into the dog tag, this option is the better alternative when designing innovative dog tags.


The average size of a dog tag is large enough to capture all of the important information, but it is not so large that it is awkward to carry about. There is also a selection of sizes available regarding dog tags. Find the size of the dog tag that will allow you to wear it with the least amount of discomfort, given the conditions in which it will be worn.

Handmade or machine-made?

It is feasible to get handmade dog tags, even though the vast majority of dog tags are machine-stamped to maintain the readability of the engravings.

Which of these options is the better one to go with? Those interested in possessing dog tags of a higher level of sophistication, in particular ones that are crafted from one-of-a-kind materials such as polymer clay, leather, wood, or sterling silver, may want to think about acquiring handmade dog tags.

Jewelers that make dog tags by hand often have a more creative license when customizing their wares because of the hands-on nature of the process. When making personalized dog tags for couples, it is important to consider this issue.