Hybrid Events

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Technology plays an important role when it comes to hybrid events. It is the aspect that builds a strong bridge between online and offline events.

So, here is a comprehensive list of tools you should consider in order to make your hybrid event perfect.

1. Registration and Ticketing Platform

You can include Whatsapp automation in your hybrid events in order to smoothen the registration and ticketing procedure. It can provide the audience freedom to book their tickets online and get a batch with QR code on their Whatsapp, email, SMS, etc. Moreover, you can make it just like in the movie ticket booking and scanning.

In conclusion, the audience will be able to look at your event online and the various information required. The best hybrid events platform offers easy reconciliation without leakage and pilferage.

So, now the audience can book a ticket online, confirm their event presence, receive QR Code-based M-Badges, scan them at the time of entrance, and ask for feedback on WhatsApp. Also, you can use this way for both online and offline attendees.

2. Mobile Event App or Web-Based Solution

Most users hate downloading different apps and software. So, you have to offer them the most ease and convenience. The hybrid conference platform can make your life easy with browser-based solutions.

Attendees no longer have to download any app or software. Instead, they can just click on the link and join the event through the browser on their devices. In short, no need for downloading, just a simple click and join.

3. Live Streaming Feature

You can broadcast your hybrid events live with the hybrid meeting platform. They provide live streaming for organizations based on their needs and budgets. Moreover, you can make your event available online simultaneously on various platforms. You can have numerous additional features and functionalities at your fingertips that can be helpful in boosting interactivity and engagement.

Also, you can get 100% customizable, 24*7 customer support, real-time archiving, and a robust content delivery network. You can get a seamless streaming execution & experience by integrating a live streaming extension to your hybrid events.

4. Participants Communication Tools

You can get the following tools to enhance interaction at your hybrid events:

  • 1:1 and Group Chat and Live Audio & Video Call: Attendees and everyone at the hybrid events can make a 1:1 and group chat with anyone present at the event. You do not have to wait for anything. Also, you can make an audio and video call for more seamless interaction and add a sense of in-person experience.
  • Live Poll and Q&A Session: You can get a better polling system from a hybrid exhibition platform. Moreover, you could create questions with options you can ask during a live session. Also, you can plan separate Q&A sessions where all the attendees can ask questions and speakers will answer.

5. Productivity Tools

Here are some tools that can be helpful in increasing productivity at your hybrid event.

  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler: Attendees can book an appointment with any speaker and brand representative, even before the event starts.
  • Third-Party Integration: You can collaborate and integrate any apps and software you want into your hybrid events for better interaction, engagement, and easy payment. The right hybrid launch platform can provide you with integrations, such as Hubspot, Paypal, RazorPay, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Team, WhatsApp, BlueJeans, Zoom Meeting, etc.

6. Attendee Engagement Tools

Tools that can be helpful in boosting engagement at your hybrid event are as follows:

  • Gamification: You can provide AR/VR games at your hybrid events to keep the audience engaged with fun.
  • Clap or Hoot and Emoticon Reactions: The best hybrid event live streaming services offer clap and hoot sounds during the session. Also, you can get different emoticons.
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications: You can make a live announcement, update, changes in schedule, or any other notification in both the text and video format.
  • Social Wall: You can integrate the social wall into your hybrid events to display the essential social media posts, comments, and discussions.
  • AR Photo Booth: Engage the audience with an AR photo booth that offers different backgrounds for selfies.
  • Leaderboard: Fix scores for various things and display the top scorers on the leaderboard list.

7. User Networking Tools

Here are some tools that can be helpful in opening various networking opportunities at your hybrid event.

  • Networking Tables: Create multiple networking tables with 8 seats on each table. Moreover, audiences, speakers, and others can sit and discuss a similar topic.
  • AI Matchmaking: Ask about various interests and demographic information about all the users. The AI technology will scan all the data and make friend suggestions for the users based on similar interests.
  • Business Card Exchange: Everyone at the hybrid event can exchange their business card with anyone. They can send requests and accept them in order to share their card.

So, these are the numerous technology tools that can be helpful in hosting a successful hybrid event. You can boost engagement, interaction, and networking opportunities at your event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to adding all the standard technological tools to your hybrid event.