Candle packaging is important not only for the protection of the candle itself but for the safety of its content and customers. Where the unique packaging adds more attraction to the product similarly, the adding right details on candle boxes regarding usage, instructions, and warning labels can make it easy for the customers to keep them. From custom printing labels to digital printing, there are several options to design a beautiful package with the right label. Wholesale candle boxes are a great option to save more while going for customization. 

A candle is a stick made of wax and a piece of rope. When the rope burns, it produces a flame of light. When there was no bulb, people used candles to see at night. We also use candles today when the electricity is down. Some people use candles because they like low and dim light. Candles look nice, and their light looks soft and gives a feeling of calmness. Candles are also a part of the decoration; we use them on birthday cakes, in candlelight dinners, decoration of wedding rooms, and in other moments of joy.

Formulation Formula of Candle Boxes

All candle Boxes have almost the same formula the formulation. We usually required wax, wax dye, wicks, fragrance oils, and glass containers to make candles. Candle has different types and styles, such as flameless, tea-light, candle pot, pillar, votive, and taper candles. In addition, candles have different designs, shapes, colours, and sizes.

Adding the right details on Candle Packaging

The candle is a very sensitive, easy to break or damage item, so that is why it needs proper packaging. Strong and durable candle packaging protects it from damage and harm. It is also helpful for the travelling of candles. The packaging of candles should be durable and strong enough to provide full security to a candle. It should be heat and waterproof so that a candle can be stable for a long period. You can use custom candle packaging that is easily available in the market. Candle packaging includes candle labelling on the wraps and candle boxes.

Candle Labelling Choices

There are many choices of candle labels, such as foil stamp labels, bottle labels, clear labels, and many more, according to your choice and demand. Select any style of candle labelling but don’t forget that it must be eco-friendly.

Candle Label Requirements

If you want to satisfy your customers with your candle, you have to be focused on some important labelling requirements. First, the labelling process needs more planning and arrangement design. A candle labelling requires the following types of labels on the packaging:

• Label of Fire Safety:

There are many rules to designing fire safety label that is recognized by the worldwide industry of candle packaging. The most important three labels are:

  1. Keep the candle away from fire-catching bodies.
  2. Burn within sight.
  3. Keep away from children.

         Label of candle use:

After labelling three key rules, you need to write the instruction for properly burning candles. You can write different but authentic instructions for usage according to the nature of your candle, such as:

  1. Keep candles in a cool place.
  2. Store candles in a dry place.
  3. Burn only in the heat-resistant surrounding.
  4. Stop burning when wax remains only at the bottom.

• Label of safety-Testing:

Your candle labelling should also have a testing label to give your customer peace of mind. Mention that your candles are tested and fulfil all standards of security. These statements of labelling provide satisfaction and confidence to you and your customers.

• Label of Marketing:

When you are going to sell your candles, your packaging will tell everything about your product as well as about the brand strategy. Before sending your product to the market, you have to check whether all important labelling information is completed or not. For marketing strategy, you need to mention some important statements such as:

  1. Brand name
  2. Brand or company logo
  3. Contact and website details of the brand.
  4. Candle name 
  5. Candle weight
  6. Prize of candle
  7. Burning hours etc.

You can also mention specific occasions, such as birthday candles and wedding décor candles, on the labelling when buying wholesale candle boxes.

• Labels colours and design:

Many companies provide wholesale candle boxes that are highly customized and unique. They also offer different ideas of labelling. Labels should be colourful and unique in design. An eye-catching label will attract consumers, gain their attention, and make them buy it.