Affiliate Programs

Before you begin signing up for affiliate programs, it’s important to make sure they are user-friendly. Read reviews to get an idea of the dashboard, support, and tools provided by each program. Some programs offer software as a service, which makes it easier for non-technical affiliates to get started.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a great choice for people looking to earn money online. They offer a large selection of products and are a trusted retailer, which means that your website visitors are likely to click through your affiliate links. Amazon also treats their associates fairly, so you can be sure that you’ll get paid fairly. As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on every purchase made by a customer within a twenty-four-hour period. You can also earn a commission for each product that’s added to a shopping cart on Amazon.

Amazon also has a great influencer program, which allows you to earn money from influencers who have a large email list. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that the commission rates of the Amazon associate program are low when compared to direct brand programs. This means that Amazon’s influencer program is the best option for people who aren’t able to maintain their own website.


ShareASale is an affiliate program that has more than 4800 merchants, allowing you to promote the products they sell and earn a commission on each sale you make. Affiliates sign up on ShareASale’s website, create an account with a username and password, and enter their country of residence to be eligible for the program.

ShareASale works with many quality brands, so you don’t have to worry about selling a weird or low-quality product. Plus, ShareASale has a marketing calendar to personalize marketing initiatives according to the seasons. For example, if you’re promoting the holidays, you can create gift guides and articles around the holiday season.

ShareASale’s affiliate program is fairly easy to join and use. After signing up, you can easily edit your account and choose what programs to promote. In a few business days, ShareASale will review your application. If they require further information, you’ll be sent a webinar invitation. In addition to webinars, ShareASale also offers tutorials through its YouTube channel.


One of the best affiliate programs to join for beginners is Awin. A win is a joint venture of the Zanox and Affiliate Window networks. It offers a combination of high commissions and recurring payments. There are several ways to get started with Awin. Affiliates do not need a website or have a product to sell. Once accepted, affiliates have to go through a compliance check. Once approved, they get paid 20% upfront and 20% on recurring payments.

Awin’s affiliate platform was designed with ease of use in mind. It has easy-to-use tools and a comprehensive reporting suite. This helps the affiliate manager monitor campaigns, optimize performance and target customers.

Amazon Influencer Program

If you’re a creator with a following on social media, you should check out the Amazon Influencer Program. This program allows you to earn commissions from the sale of your content. Amazon’s Influencer Program helps you reach a niche audience and increase sales. You’ll earn money on the sale of your products if your followers buy the items you recommend.

As an influencer, you can create affiliate links and codes that will take your followers to your website. In addition, you can track your sales progress in one place. This makes the payout process easier for you. While some followers may be quick to jump on a trend and click on the affiliate link to buy, others may prefer to make purchases through familiar sites.

Ace Hardware

Affiliates can earn a commission of two to four percent from a sale on the Ace Hardware website. The commission rate is based on the product purchased. There is no minimum sales threshold and you can promote as many products as you like. However, if you live outside the US, you will not be compensated for your sales. Although this affiliate program can be profitable, it is best used as an additional income source.

Ace Hardware is a home improvement cooperative with over 5300 locations worldwide. Its stores are renowned for their expert advice and friendly service. Many of them are dedicated to giving back to their communities. Its affiliate program is managed by Impact, a company that specializes in home improvement affiliate programs. This company provides its affiliates with banner ads, text links, and easy tracking tools. In addition, the company provides product data feeds for affiliates.

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