Physio clinic hamilton
Physio clinic hamilton

Many people think that physiotherapy is only valid for athletes or those who have suffered some injury. However, physiotherapy is very beneficial for general health. The recommendation given by all health specialists is periodic check-ups and not only when you have an ailment, discomfort or illness.

This situation occurs in any branch of medicine. Still, it is very common in physiotherapy, and you must instill in people that preventive treatment can avoid many injuries and ailments.

Many think that physiotherapy only treats athletes or people who have suffered muscle or joint injuries. Nothing is further from reality. All physiotherapists would like to be able to treat people periodically to prevent future injuries, assess each person and measure their functionality.

How often should you go to the physiotherapist?

There is no clearly defined interval since each person, depending on their age, genetics, and other factors, may require physiotherapy treatment within a different time frame. If you add these factors to the daily aspects of each individual, such as the type of work, sports activity, hours of rest, etc., you can see that each person is different from another and needs their assessment.

What benefits does physiotherapy bring us?

There are many benefits that a prescribed physiotherapeutic treatment can bring us. Let’s list some of them:

Eliminates muscle tension caused by stress

As is well known, stress causes great havoc in people’s health, and although many do not know it, one of the first symptoms is muscle pain.  The patient can enter a state of calm and concentration through physiotherapy exercises and deep breathing, providing pleasant relaxation. In addition, by mobilizing and flexing the rigid parts of the body, accumulated tensions in the musculature can be released.

Improves balance and mobility

When an individual suffers a considerable injury or undergoes surgery, it is quite likely that they may suffer from ailments or discomforts that make mobility difficult and even balance the body properly, which can affect such simple and daily activities such as: getting out of bed, sitting down or maintaining balance while standing. In this sense, physiotherapy treatment can help to recover the mobility of the body so that moving or walking can once again be something simple and without any ailment.

Prevents the appearance of injuries

Most people only go to the physical therapist when they already have an injury. But what many are unaware of is that the appearance of these injuries can be avoided through regular visits to the physiotherapist.

This is because the doctor can evaluate the most fragile areas of the body, either at the muscular or skeletal level and thus create a physiotherapy plan with exercises which aims to strengthen the areas that are more prone to injuries, such as muscles or joints. In this way, the risk of suffering injuries in the future can be minimized.

Reduces ailments associated with advancing age

With the advancement of age, a series of bone, muscle or joint diseases also appear, which can cause a lot of pain. However, one of the specialities of physiotherapy is to reduce these discomforts. In addition, with these treatments, it is possible to maintain both a physical and mental state that leads to less consumption and dependence on prescription to reduce inflammation and pain.

What benefits does physiotherapy have?

You think you should rest when there is an injury, pathology or pain when moving. And although, at first, it may be necessary to rest for a few days to regain strength, it is not advisable not to move.
Extended rest over time is dangerous:

  • Muscle mass is lost.
  • The range of body movement is shortened.
  • It affects cardiorespiratory capacity and intestinal and endocrine functions.

Specifically, in injuries, total rest is not recommended either since it impairs the work of the lymphatic system, this is in charge of eliminating the substances that have remained in the inflamed area. And it also makes cartilage regeneration slower, and this is necessary to recover well.

Physiotherapy advises the opposite, teaches that improvement is achieved through gradual movement and involves the patient in his care to achieve better results. It does this by focusing on relieving pain and keeping the injury stable so it doesn’t get worse. Then, little by little, he works to restore strength and movement, with the goal of complete or best possible recovery for the patient.

Physiotherapy is not only necessary to treat diseases, specific pathologies or major injuries. Still, it is highly recommended to prevent or alleviate small pain or small loss of mobility, which could increase over time. In short, doing physiotherapy sessions is a great weapon to stay healthy and have a better quality of life, a perfect complement that you can add to your healthy lifestyle habits.

In a bigger problem, it could be the key to progressively improving and recovering your autonomy and mobility from your body. Physio clinic Hamilton has a team of physiotherapists specialized in different fields of rehabilitation. You travel wherever you need and adjust to your schedule.


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