Bajaj Geysers
Bajaj Geysers

Have you been thinking of buying a new geyser but do not know how to choose the best Geyser in India? Are you confused by the types and sizes of geysers available on the market? In that case, you are not the only person who does not know how to choose the best Geyser in India. Choosing the best Geyser is determined by the purpose of hot water, the location of the Geyser, the bathroom spacing, your budget, your choice of instant or storage geysers, etc. 

A warm bath on a cold winter morning is a pleasant experience. Several branded geysers are available online, but Bajaj Geysers are popular and reliable compared to other branded geysers. You can buy Bajaj Geyser online from various e-commerce platforms, but before buying a geyser, you should know a few things. Here is a step-by-step guide and essential factors to consider when buying Bajaj Geyser online.

How Geysers Work

It is easy to understand the physics behind geysers. The Geyser consists of stainless steel or copper tank, a heating element, and a thermostat. Hot water is delivered through the outlet of a geyser by passing through this heating element. When a geyser uses storage water, a certain amount of water is transferred between the storage tank and the instant-use tank. 

The storage geysers store hot water so that it can be used later for other purposes, and they require a longer time to heat up than instant heaters. Therefore, the storage water geyser is usually larger and much more expensive than the instant water geyser. 

Geyser type

Geysers instantly heat water to provide a refreshing and satisfying bath experience. The type of Bajaj Geyser online you can choose depends on whether you want an instant geyser or a storage geyser. Due to the efficiency of instant geysers in heating water, they are frequently available in the range of 1 to 3 liters in capacity. 

Therefore, it is possible to heat water quickly and efficiently with instant heaters. On the other hand, when you use a storage geyser, the water is stored after it has been heated, and you can use the hot water throughout the day. You should buy a storage Bajaj Geyser online if you have a large family with more than four members. 

Check your home water requirements

The first thing that you need to do is determine how much water your household consumes. Even though it is impossible to calculate the exact requirements for geysers, you can get a fairly accurate idea of the number of geysers you should have at home and the type of Geyser you should use. It is also possible to determine how many people will need to use water at home for bathing, cooking, and more and calculate how many geysers will be required to keep the house.

Each bathroom should have its Geyser

Calculate how many geysers you’d need for your home according to the number of bathrooms you have. In a household with two or more members, it is advisable to have more than two geysers, at the very least.

Check the cost and size

If you have determined that you need a lot of water daily, you should check the size and cost of the geysers. The price of a small Bajaj Geyser online, which can hold 1-3 liters of water, is often lower than that of a large Bajaj Geyser online, which can store a large quantity of water.

Identify energy-efficient Bajaj Geyser online by looking for stars

An appliance’s energy efficiency star indicates the degree to which the appliance is energy efficient. There is a relationship between the number of stars and efficiency and the amount of energy saved. When buying a Bajaj Geyser online, there is an unspoken rule that you should always check the number of stars that the appliance carries for energy efficiency before buying it. 

High Rise Building geysers

if you want to install a geyser in a high-rise building, it must have at least a rated pressure of over six bars as well as a pressure control valve for the Geyser. When overpressure water is released from a geyser tank through the pressure control valve, it prevents the tank from breaking. Therefore, an inner tank with a layer of glass-lined coating is more suitable since it can withstand high pressures.

Property of being anti-corrosive

Many Indians are forced to consume hard water daily as they have no alternative. However, during long-term use, hard water can corrode the inside surfaces of the geyser tanks, which can lead to the accumulation of calcium scale on the inner surfaces. This build-up, in turn, can result in reduced efficiency of the Geyser and lead to the Geyser consuming more energy to heat the same amount of water than it used to.

The Ideal Way of Purchasing Your Favourite Geysers

When you buy a Geyser on EMI from the Bajaj Mall, you get a lot of benefits. The search and filtering feature makes it easy to look at different models and make comparisons. In-depth product comparisons, such as the Bajaj 25-litre geyser with the Racold brand geyser, will be possible. You are also entitled to the best Geysers on EMI with Zero Down Payment at Bajaj Mall.

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