Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali is a festival for all. Most importantly, for your corporate pals and employees who you are away from during this short, festive break. Even when not together, you could lovingly wish them and spread the joy and affection that surrounds Diwali. 

The best way to extend your wishes is by sending them a gift. A gift screams its purpose better than anything else. And, during Diwali, there are enumerable options for you to choose from.

Here’s a stunning list that will help you decide on Diwali gifts for employees:

1. Chocolates

Diwali sweets during the beautiful festival are what is loved by one and all. Gift your employees a box of delectable chocolates that will melt their hearts. You could choose from a multitude of options available with us. Assorted, fruit and nut, wafer, and all sorts of chocolates can be found here to bring a smile to your hard-working employee’s face!

2. Sweets

If you are thinking of Diwali sweets, you cannot miss out on Rasgullas. Unbelieveably soft and nectarous, this sweet is a ball of heaven. Perfect as Diwali gifts for employees, rasgulla is packed with love and flavor. Gulab Jamun is also one of the finest Diwali gifts for employees and will make the receiver smile. Other Diwali sweets include Soan Papdi, the classic Diwali sweet; kaju Katli, the people’s favorite sweet; Barfi, a magnificent treat and Milk cake, a sweet that melts in your mouth.

3. Candles

The festival of lights as Diwali is popularly known needs a charming set of candles or fairy lights to shine your home. Gifting candles is a way of expressing and sending Diwali wishes in a thoughtful and shining manner. We have a range of candles in colors, patterns, and designs for your gifting needs.

4. Greeting card

A cute accompanimenet or a modest gift by itself, greeting cards speak for themselves with the loving note and message that they send. If you want to add more elements to a gift, a greeting card is a perfect choice because it adds a personal touch to any gift. Choose anyone from the Oye Gifts catalog and have it sent to your employee.

5. Diya Set

Yet another lighting element, diyas add to the brightness and glowing spirit of Diwali. The earthen lamps or diyas are grounded, ethereal, and a heartfelt gift. These will brighten up the home of your employees with colors and also give the room a stunning look. Choose from the many diya color and design options on our website.

6. Idol

As spiritual vibes engulf everyone during the festival, people celebrate and worship their deities and gods. During this festival, gifting your employees an idol of god will be a gift full of positivity. A small idol will be perfect for the home temple, bedroom, study table, or even the work desk. It will ooze joy, happiness, and prosperity and bring blessings to the receiver and make one of the most precious Diwali gifts for employees.

7. Dry Fruits

The classic Diwali gift, dry fruits are a timeless classic. The crunchy and healthy delight brings joy to the receiver. Packed in a choice of stunning gift boxes in attractive arrangements, these vibrant dry fruits are enjoyed by all and make a good Diwali gift for employees.

8. Accessories

If you wish to choose something unique and also practical, you could get accessories for your employees. For men, you could get perfume, cologne, ties, belts, or even a wallet. And, for the female employees, you can get a piece of jewelry, perfume, a belt, or even a watch. These gifts will make them overjoyed because of the thought and personal touch involved in sending the gift.

Diwali is one of the prime gifting seasons in India, just like your employees are for your organization. They would admire a gift from you and feel motivated to resume work after the festive break. Choose a gift from the list above and send it to your employees who are going to be mesmerized, for sure!