in demand professions

Information about the most sought-after professions in the world is of interest to those who have not yet made their final choice or are thinking about a field of activity. Check out the current ranking of the five most demanded destinations around the world, compiled by the joint efforts of labor market analysts from different countries.

Headhunters politely put into the database resumes of lawyers and economists who have spent fabulous money on education and are trying to find at least a penny job, and grab engineering and logistics specialists from each other.

 If your goal is to get a promising specialty, and not a subscription to the labor exchange, carefully read the list of professions that will be in demand both in our country and abroad in the coming decades.

Engineering Specialists

This specialty is chosen not only by hereditary “techies”, but also by those who plan to keep up with progress – the rapid development of the construction industry and production automation is just around the corner. Engineers who have received a good education quickly evolve to senior managers. The main thing is not to be lazy to delve into the intricacies of production.

IT Specialists

The number of programs for tablet computers, smartphones, and other gadgets is already in the thousands. But users are waiting for new applications almost every day. Therefore, ensuring the health of the software market is a promising and profitable business. In international IT events, such as  CIO conferences, the demand for technology experts is also discussed.

Therefore, if you want to become a techie, go for it. A significant bonus in the portfolio of skills of an IT specialist is the possession of design skills and website modeling skills. By setting your goal to get a job at Google or Microsoft, you can easily fulfill your dream. IT has been and will be the epitome of all fields of life and it has and it will revolutionize the whole world setup.


Today, nanotechnologies have descended from cosmic heights and are widely used in mechanical engineering, medicine, and even the food industry. Every day, the scope of robots and microcircuits is expanding, which means that the demand for specialists in nanotechnology is growing. Engineers conduct all research on new types of materials under a microscope, but the number of zeros in the numbers of their payrolls is clearly visible to the naked eye. This is a very demanding skill and has lot of scope for future generations to rely upon.

Service Specialists

Businesswomen want a beautician to be at arm’s length, even a middle manager is not used to traveling to a hairdresser more than two kilometers, a kindergarten with highly educated teachers must be based on the territory of a residential complex.

Millions of specialists in the service and education sectors should provide such requests from society. At the same time, people are ready to trust only first-class masters of their craft, so hairdressers, cosmetologists, and governesses are simply obliged to have not only talent from God but also a diploma from the best educational center.

Healthcare Expert

Very high demands are put forward for the Hippocrates of the 21st century. To treat people, today it is not enough to memorize anatomy, physiology, physics, and chemistry – modern doctors need fundamental knowledge in the field of electronics and biotechnology. Medical centers that purchase high-tech medical equipment prefer doctors whose humane aspirations to help humanity are backed up by the ability to communicate with technology on “you”. Being a health expert expert opens endless doors for you and makes you open to different opportunities at any hospital.