Footwear is one of the most vital parts of the outfit, and one must apply enough effort to make it look good. Finding the correct footwear is a task since one must decide based on style, colour, and many other confusing and time-taking parameters. One must shop women’s boots, flats, heels, sneakers, and sandals to be ready for any occasion and look elegant and prepared. Many online stores have made it possible for women to find the right size and type within a few clicks eradicating the need to shop in-store. 

Here are a few essential footwear types to buy and how to style them to look dashing at every event.


Heels are the most elegant pick for formal parties and events where one must dress up tastefully. Most women are specific about the heel size and width since it makes or breaks the look. Use broad and short heels if it is a semi-formal event that requires a lot of walking or moving around. Longer heels might make it hard to move, considering the pain and balance aspects.

Keep solid and sophisticated colours for a bare look, but do not shy away from buying unique and extravagant pieces to make the outfit different from the rest. One can wear such heels based on the event, like a fashion show or a casual business meeting. Platform heels are best for an informal event or a Sunday brunch; One can wear wedges for formal parties, depending on their colour and nature.


Giddy up to a cowgirl vibe by wearing boots. Boots are super versatile and pair well with most outfits. Plain, long, black boots are the e-girl fit that each teenager prefers for their new-gen appeal. One can purchase small ankle-length boots for long skirts or dresses to look beautiful. Dresses with slits show the leg, which requires thigh-high boots that cover the bareness and make it elegant.

Shop women’s boots since male alternatives look extremely manly, removing the fashionable appeal. Wear boots with a country outfit like jeans and cut jackets to look the best. One can also wear sultry boots with leather outfits to look neat and bold. Add many rings and necklaces to match the vibe appropriately.


Sneakers are the most comfortable option for those who like dressing in oversized clothing with cargo pants. Plain sneakers are lovely for those needing a sleek outfit but experiment with colourful streaks of painted sneakers for a better experience. One can even purchase chunky sneakers that stand out and look dashing with heavy pants. 

Add a bucket hat to the look and make it a hipster fit. One can even pair these with any skirts for an afternoon look and to move comfortably. Get decent canvas vibes for a skater outfit and look classy and sassy both. Wear cute and quirky socks to show off the vibe; it’s even better when they are knee-high socks for slit skirts and short skirts.


These are the best summer selection due to how effortless they look and feel. One can feel weightless and free wearing them since they do not need to balance the whole time or feel suffocated. String flats look beautiful and have a appeal that matches almost every dress.

Wear them to the beach or on a breakfast date; one can never get tired. Wear flats showing the ankles to adorn them with anklets and display their beautiful features. Flats can look underwhelming sometimes, so jazz them up with different colours or buy decorative and extravagant pieces that look stunning.