Designing and revamping your home will be a critical task. Even if you manage to decorate your home with visually aethetic surface layer, the durability will be a issue for your home. Whether you’re an owner of a commercial place or a new house, you will need some materials which are durable but also visually aesthetic. Therefore, the surface layering will cost a lot. Often we cannot even afford the hefty investments for decorating homes. Therefore, to avoid such expense, interior designers suggest us a better quality and cost effective surface materials- laminate sheets.   

Know What High-Pressure Laminates are.

TheHigh-Pressure Laminates (HPL) are one of the toughest and most durable surface material. Therefore, the laminates are specially engineered with composite materials. The HPLs are created by the fusion of decorative papers. For instance, 6-8 pieces of Kraft papers are saturated with a special synthetic thermosetting resin.  

Do you fear that the durability would not support varieties? Then you are wrong. There are multiple laminate designs available in the market. So, if you want HPL features in textured laminates or other types of surface materials, you will never out of any trend.

Use the Laminates in Your Kitchen

When you want to revamp your kitchen, you’ll need a low maintenance surface layer. In many cases, kitchen laminates are affected by  spills,  scuffs and greasy stains. Moreover, the anti-bacterial and water resistance properties in the surface layers would make the laminates durable. These properties would help to prohibit the growth of microrganisms and  water penetration. Moreover, the laminates are fire-retardant and have conductivity effects to the heat.

As kitchen countertops and cabinets require some durable and robust alternatives, HPLs are the best alternatives. Moreover, in kitchen we want to add some colours to put some  positive energy in house. Therefore, coloured laminates are also available in the varieties of the HPLs.

Flooring Needs Durability

HPLs are specially curated for covering  unique spaces and special requirements. Therefore, upgrade your floor with long-lasting and sustainable materials.  Whether you use HPLs for residential purpose or commercial flooring, you will get definitely a better up[porr  from these. Moreover, if your home office or bedroom has high rate of foot traffic, HPLs will be very effective.

With Stone Finish Laminates and other textured one in the HPL range, you can get the premium quality products with better sustainability and durability of the floor. With the stone finish flooring, you will get a proper finish in your  room with a wider coverage. So, never step aback from trying out HPLs  for your flooring issues.

Install a Sustainable  Entryways

Whenever you visit a place, the entryway is the first thing one should look for. Plus, we need a proper and robust entryway for our houses. Therefore, the laminates’ quality for doors should be  premium and sustainable. While we go for choosing the materials for the entryways especially the doors  we  cannot  find  proper surfacing material which would stand out from scorching sun and higher moisture. To give your entryways a proper finish textured laminates can be used. As HPLs  are available in the different laminate designs, your issues with poor materials in the entryways  will be  resolved  easily.

Never Ignore Your Furniture

While revamping our interior decors, we  sometimes ignore the quality maintenance of the furniture. We get attracted by the exciting offers and contemporary designs of furniture. But the quality of the surface laminates is the concern. If you chose a product which is not only visually aesthetic but also durable. You can use matte finish laminates in the range of HPLs. Therefore, use HPLs for surfacing your furniture with a strong and sustainable laminate for longevity of these. As the adaptability of HPLs  are higher than others, your furniture  would last for longer.

So if you’re looking for a durable yet good-looking laminate, HPLs are the best ones. You can get the required laminate with preferred designs and textures for heavy use. From Royale Touche, you can get better quality laminates. With the help of Royale Touche, you will get proper HPLs with premium features. For years we are in the business of laminates and we put you first. With our products, we try to resolve the issues related to redecorate your home. For more updates on our products and collections, you can visit our now.