In terms of law compliance and tenant protection, a gas safety certificate is an important document for landlords. The first duty you have when renting out a property is to maintain gas inspection records and provide them to the tenants.

Today we will look at everything a landowner must know regarding gas safety certificates and their importance. Let’s get started.

How does a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate work?

A licensed technician must regularly service gas appliances in your properties to ensure they operate safely and efficiently. To assist you in ensuring that your gas safety inspection is conducted properly, the Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate CP12 serves as a checklist.

An official Gas Safe Certificate proves that your rental property’s gas appliances, ventilation systems, and fittings have been inspected recently.

Obtaining a gas safety certificate is an easy process. Your property must be in good working order, appliances must be located according to regulations, and they must be professionally installed. Then getting a gas safety certificate would be no hassle at all.

The following information is also important:

  • Always give a copy of your certificate to your tenants within 28 days of receiving it
  • When a tenant enters a property, the landowner must provide a copy of the lease to the tenants
  • All CP12 certificates need to be kept for a period of two years at a minimum
  • Ensure that an Engineer who is Gas Safe registered performs these checks to obtain the appropriate legal certification.
  • Gas appliances brought by your tenants are not your responsibility; only the pipes used to deliver gas to them
  • Tenants may bring gas appliances into the apartment, but you must inspect these appliances for safety
  • If there is an emergency, provide your tenants with instructions on how to shut off the gas at the mains

Why is Gas Safety Certificate Important For Landlords?

With gas appliances and supplies, it is very difficult for the layperson to determine whether something is wrong. It’s pretty obvious when you smell gas when something’s wrong, but not all problems are so easy to spot.

In addition to being odourless and colourless, carbon monoxide is deadly. Most likely, your tenants will not notice anything wrong until it’s too late if they are exposed to it. Landlords must ensure that any property with a gas supply has a Gas Safety Certificate – and keep it current. Providing a safe living environment to your tenants is an important legal requirement.

How Do I Schedule a Gas Safety Check?

Only Gas Safe registered engineers are authorized to issue Gas Safety Certificates. When you rent out your property with a letting agent, they will be able to handle all of this for you if you want. You can locate an engineer in your area on the Gas Safe website.

What is The Cost of Obtaining a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety inspection is not subject to the control of the Gas Safety Regulator. It is thus important to choose a company wisely since the cost can vary significantly. It is, therefore, advisable to shop around before making a decision. Consider making a shortlist of about three names rather than selecting the first one that appears in your search.

Furthermore, you must select the best people for the job. You are likely to work with an experienced Gas Safety Engineer as a registered professional, but still, some will be better than others. Check out reviews or get a referral from a friend or family member.

What is The Inspection Method of The Gas Safety Engineer?

When the engineer calls, it’s important to know what to expect to ensure that you are fully compliant. The Landlord is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all checks have been completed. For this reason, it is helpful to have a checklist of actions the engineer must take:

  • Check both the standing and working pressure of the gas
  • Ensure that appliances are gas tight
  • Verify that the ventilation is satisfactory in the room where gas appliances operate
  • Gas and burner pressure must be in line with data plate specifications
  • Check the flue
  • Ensure that gas devices are not misused
  • Ensure safety devices are functioning properly

It should be easy for the engineer to carry out the inspection if all appliances are maintained, and your tenants know how to use them properly.

What is The Duration of a Gas Safety Certificate?

CP12 certificates must be given to tenants within 28 days of the expiration of the previous certificate. Each certificate has an expiration date of 12 months. Any new tenants should also receive one within 28 days after moving in or before they move in.

Are Tenants Allowed to Use gas Appliances That They Own?

No landlord is responsible for tenants’ gas appliances, but they can use their own. Gas supply for the appliance is, however, the landlord’s responsibility. It is reasonable to ask the gas engineer to install any appliances owned by the tenants while they inspect the other appliances.

What if The Landlord Has No Gas Safety Certificate?

A landlord who fails to fulfill its gas safety obligations may face a fine, and you may be entitled to additional protections if the landlord attempts to evict you.

Is it Mandatory For Landowners to Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

If you own a property with a gas appliance, you are legally required to install a carbon monoxide alarm in the room. The presence of a fireplace or a wood-burning stove in the same room necessitates the installation of a CO detection alarm. A Carbon Monoxide alarm is usually unnecessary if your open fire is purely decorative and unusable.

Final Thoughts on Gas Safety Certificate for Landlord

The landlord’s gas safety certificate doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to obtain, but it is a valuable document to have. We hope this article has helped you understand everything there is to know regarding gas safety certificates and why it is important to have one if you are a landlord. It would be helpful if you could visit the government’s website if you had any questions about your rental obligations.

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